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Services and Storage

Boat Storage in Portland, Maine

Portland Yacht Services has a comprehensive storage calculator to determine what to expect for your boat’s storage. We consider several factors, including heated or cold storing during the winter, inside or outside storage, size of the boat & more. For more information, see our storage calculator or contact us today!

New and Used Boat Sales

We proudly offer our customers in Portland, Maine, the best possible deals on new and used boats. If you’re interested in what we currently have in stock, check out our online marine store for sales on boats, parts, supplies, and more!

Boat Repair & Restoration in Portland, Maine

We take pride in the restoration and repair of boats under our supervision. Be sure to check out our service rates for a comprehensive look at all the services offered. 

Portland Maine Boat Parts for Sale

Our marine shop website has a large amount of inventory listed for sale, including boating supplies, boats, parts, and more. We even have allowed you to search by the manufacturer for the exact part you’re looking for. For more information, please contact us for all sale-related inquiries.

Portland Maine Ship Yard

Our shipyard is your one-stop shop for all of your boat-related needs. We know that for some people, their boat is their business, and we look forward to getting you back in the water as soon as possible. We haul vessels up to 150 tons and have full-service welding, rigging, carpentry & more. For more information about our shipyard, contact our service department today! 

Travel Lift

Our travel lift basin has been recently expanded to contain 42-feet wide vessels and hold up to 330-tons. We’re confident we’ll be able to service your boat’s every need. Check out our travel lift gallery for examples of boats in our travel lift basin.


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