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Service Rates


MONDAY – FRIDAY: 8:00am – 4:30pm
SATURDAY: Other hours by arrangement

Hourly Labor Rate

Yard Crew$109.00*
Bottom Paint$98.00*
Outboard Mechanic$155.00*
Systems Technician$127.00*
Yard Mechanic$127.00*
Rigging Department$109.00*
Offsite Cleaning$85.00*

*subject to a 3% shop/environmental charge min charge $5.00

Time off premises is portal to portal.
Minimum 1/2 hour charge, overtime at time and a half.

  • Evinrude Outboards
  • Johnson Outboards
  • Honda Outboards
  • Yamaha Outboards
  • Suzuki Outboards
  • Mercury / Mercruiser
  • Yanmar Diesels
  • Westerbeke Diesels
  • Beta Marine Diesels
  • MinnKota Authorized Service Center



Winter Season:October 16 – May 15
Inside (cold)$12.00 p/sq ft
Inside (heated)$15.00 p/sq ft
Outside$5.75 p/sq ft
Catamaran Outside$7.50 p/sq ft
Summer Season:May 15 – October 16
Inside$12.00 p/sq ft
Outside$5.75 p/sq ft
Premium Inside$15.00 p/sq ft
Spar Storage (mast, mizzen, boom etc.):
Per mast length
Up to Boats 28′$4.50/ft
29′ – 35′$5.50/ft
36′ & over$7.00/ft
Jack Stands – Mono-hull$35.00 p/stand
Jack Stands – Multi-hull$200.00 p/stand
Dingy Storage$300.00
Outboard Storage$300.00
Trailer Storage$300.00
Shrink Wrap:
Up to 24′$18.00/ft
25′ – 34′$20.00/ft
35′ – 39′$22.00/ft
45′ – 55′$30.00/ft
Over 55′by quote

All shrinkwrapped vessels are required to have a door. Tarps as vessel covers is not permitted on site!

Pressure Washing: (recreational boat)$4.00 p/ft


Shrink Wrap Disposal Fee:$50.00

We would be pleased to give you a price for wood­working, fiberglass, gelcoat, Awl-Grip, brightwork, topside paints, rigging upgrades, outboard or inboard repowers, restorations or refits.

Haul or Launch on Trailer, <12 ton One Way$8.50/ft
Haul or Launch on Trailer, >12 ton One Way$11.50/ft
Emergency Haul/Launch on Trailer, Round Trip$18.00/ft**
Service Haul/Launch on Trailer, Round Trip$14.00/ft
Blocking Fee,  <26′$2.00/ft
Blocking Fee,  26′-42′$5.00/ft
Blocking Fee,  >42′$10.00/ft
**Minimum $400.00


Travel lift:Haul & Hold
or ONE way
Haul & Launch or Load
to transporter
Up to 36′$500$500
37′ – 42′$500$16.00/ft
43′ – 47′$12.00/ft$17.00/ft
48′ – 54′$13.50/ft$18.50/ft
55′ – 65′$16.50/ft$23.50/ft
66′ – 80′$23.00/ft$35.00/ft
81′ – 100′$34.50/ft$46.50/ft
OVER 100′$46.00/ft$58.00/ft
Bottom Paint* Wax/Compound*
Up to 22′$20.00/ft$22.00/ft
23′ – 32′$22.00/ft$24.50/ft
33′ – 40′$24.50/ft$26.50/ft
41′-47′ $26.00/ft $28.50/ft
*Plus materials*hull & deck different price

Hazardous Waste Disposal for fuel tank cleaning will be assessed $10.50/gal

Wiggins Lift: $95 equipment fee ea/way rental /plus labor

Laydays: under 36ft $0.25 p/sq ft per day over 36ft $0.15 p/sq ft per day



1-8 hp$97$135
9-20 hp$121$210
25-60 hp$165$225
65-85 hp$200$285
90-140 hp$225$325
150-250 hp$260$375

*4-stroke motors: oil & filter extra

Standard materials included: 1 engine fuel filter, 1 fuel/water separating filter (where applicable), fuel stabilizer, fogging oil & lower unit oil

1. Stabilize fuel, remove, and replace fuel/water filter. 2. Put in winter fuel mix, flush engine with fresh water until thermostat opens. 3. Remove and replace oil in lower unit. 4. Spray powerhead with light oil. 5. remove prop, grease shaft and reinstall prop. 6. Lube fitting and steer­ing system. 7. Disconnect batteries and remove drain plug (storage boats only).

Hazardous waste disposal & environmental fee billed separately.

4 cylinder*$300
6 & 8 cylinder*$385

1. Stabilize fuel. 2. Flush engine with fresh water, warm engine, open thermostat, drain block and manifolds. 3. Remove and replace oil, oil filter, fuel/water filter. 4. Flush engine raw water system with non-toxic antifreeze. 5. Fog engine out with storage oil, spray engine with light oil. 6. Remove and replace oil in lower unit. 7. Remove prop, grease shaft, reinstall prop, grease steering system. 8. Disconnect batteries and remove drain plug (storage boats only). Standard materials included: 5 gallons of non toxic antifreeze, 1 engine fuel filter, 1 fuel/water separating filter (where applicable), fuel stabilizer, fogging oil & lower unit oil. All additional materials will be charged separately.oil & filter extra

Hazardous waste disposal & environmental fee billed separately.

Inboard Gas & Diesels:
Pleasure boats systems winterized per request.
Air conditioning, refrigeration, water makers, potable water systems, washdown and live wells are TIME & MATERIALS

Our complete rigging shop provides mast stepping and unstepping

We are here to provide the service you need. Estimated prices for mast stepping and unstepping assumes a simple rig and does include labor for: preparation, rigging or unrigging, tuning, disconnecting or reconnecting, and testing electronics, removing running rigging, sails, the boom or interior furniture. Roller furlers, electronics, and complicated rigs require more time.

Mast Step

Estimate for simple mast stepping sloops and cutters:

Mast step to, or from deck additional $170.00

Boat length to 25′$272.00
26′ – 32′$354.00
33′ – 40′$463.00
41′ – 47′$572.00
48′ plusby quotation (Min. $708.00)

Terms,  Conditions and Work Order/Estimate Fine Print

***Storage is a license to store wholly at the owner’s risk. This is the condition upon which the vessel or property is allowed upon the premises. Because this is a release of liability, we recommend that the owner’s insurance company is notified of this condition. The owner’s agreement to this stipulation is evi­denced by the presence of the vessel, its equipment and any of the owner’s property. This condition is imposed in lieu of a sur­charge on the storage presenting the additional cost of insured storage and maintaining custody of control. *** Full payment is due upon delivery. If credit is extended invoices are due and payable when presented, accounts over thirty days will be as­sessed a 1.5% service charge per month of part thereof. *** The vessel and owners acknowledge a maritime lien by virtue of the unpaid balance and agree to pay all collection and legal fees incurred on overdue accounts. ** Management reserves the right to limit access of outside contractors to the yard. Con­tractors must show proof of insurance and arrange for pay­ment of a facility fee. *** Owners agree to assume excess lia­bility If any, for claims above the policy limits of their contrac­tor. *** There are other more specific conditions and rules re­lating to Storage, the Marina, the Moorings and other aspects of the Yard – please inquire. *** This rate sheet does not con­stitute an offer to do work. Prices and conditions are subject to change without notice and signed work orders are necessary unless other arrangements are made. *** Boats that have had service and are left on the facility for more than two weeks after the service invoice has been mailed will be charged sea­sonal storage fees, or the daily storage rate of $15.00 per day.

The Fine Print: I hereby authorize the above repair work to be done with the necessary materials. You and your employees may operate the unit herein described on any waterways or elsewhere for the purpose of testing, inspection, or delivery – at my risk. An express mechanics lien is acknowledged on above unit to secure the amount of repairs thereto. It is also understood that you will not be held responsible for loss/damage to the unit (or articles left with the unit) in case of fire, theft, accident, inclement weather, or any other cause beyond your control. I agree that you are entitled to all costs of collection including attorney fees. I also acknowledge this is an ESTIMATE and the final invoice can be no more than + or – 15%.


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