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Any Boat. Any Size. Any Season.


Any Boat. Any Size.

Sounds simple enough, right? But here at Portland Yacht Services, we learned something from our customers about this and, in turn, they learned something from us. Thanks to our customers for the valuable feedback! We are always listening!

Some of our potential new customers who became actual customers told us that, at first glance, they didn’t realize that Portland Yacht Services works on any boat type of any size at any time of the year. Some said they were a bit confused because the word “Yacht” is in our name and they owned a smaller power boat, and not a yacht, so maybe PYS was not the right place for them.

Well, PYS is the place for you and your boat! Many years ago when the Spragues started Portland Yacht Services, the focus was on yachts, primarily sailing vessels.

But that has changed dramatically over the years to now Portland Yacht Services working on any type and size of boat, whether your boat is 15 feet or 100 feet! That’s something some of our customers didn’t know!

Portland Yacht Services also realized that we need to let our potential new customers know that, too, and that is what this blog is all about.

And, PYS is open year round. Have you ever thought about winterizing your boat at PYS during the winter months so you are ready to go at the first sign of Spring?

As part of offering World Class Service at PYS, we will give you a winterization check list for procedures you will need to follow for inboard engines, stem drives, outboard engines, fuel, bilges, fresh water systems, heads, interiors, and more.

Or, maybe you’ve had your eye on a classic boat that you can own for very little and you want to bring it back to life. Or, maybe you just want to bring your current boat back to what it looked like the day you bought it. Our refit Team has over 30 years of professional experience bringing boats back to life! We can help at any time of the year!

And all of this will lead to Worry Free Boating for Any Boat. Any Size. Any Season.

Call, stop in, or go online at and let us know how we can help you take care of your asset- your boat! Portland Yacht Services. The Only Boat Yard You Will Ever Need! (1/17/17)


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